Sunday, August 16, 2009

Knowledge IS Power

Knowledge is power! According to Wikipedia “The phrase implies that with knowledge or education one’s potential or abilities in life will probably increase.” I find the wisdom tucked within these three little words to be worth its weight in gold! Over and over again I have realized the rich value and impact of these words. Experience has taught me that by gathering reliable information, I am able to make better choices and produce more positive outcomes. By turning all my stones and thoroughly educating myself, before I make a major decision, I find that I am much better equipped to make a wise choice. I am more likely to successfully complete my tasks and accomplish my goals. And I am much more skilled and qualified to assist and/or influence.

You know the old saying, “If you want to get something done, ask a busy person to do it.” Yes, people with knowledge and power are the ones that get things done. Also, people with knowledge and power know how to get things done. People sense this strength in others and they know exactly where to gravitate to, to get the help they want and need. I like to say, “I think I wear a sign on my forehead that says, ‘IF YOU WANT TO GET SOMETHING DONE RIGHT AWAY, AND DONE RIGHT, ASK DIANE!’” In fact this proclamation about myself reminds me of the talk I am seeing on the topic on LinkedIn. The big question is:

What good is “Knowledge is Power,” without Action? And my response to that is: That the person who is diligent enough to do the most research and gather the most information about any given subject matter or situation will more than likely be the one to control the outcome, decision, or solution. Remember, the words, “assist,” “influence,” and/or “persuade” are all actions!

So, with good knowledge, not only are we better able to function and influence more proficiently and successfully, but we grow to like ourselves so much better. Success is, also, power. It is personal power! Our accumulated knowledge gleans us valuable self-confidence that creates greater opportunities for our own success and advancement. Humbly gathered knowledge encourages us to have better understanding of others. It teaches us compassion, so we can cultivate rich self-confidence for ourselves, and a genuine caring respect for others.

Yes, the more knowledge we possess, the more we learn about ourselves and our profession – and the more secure and confident we become when we are working with our clients. We gather more excellent tools of our trade, which gives us a greater professional edge and builds our self-esteem. We feel great! We feel successful! We are able to have more fun with our work.

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